To become a leading travel shipping company with services covering the Vis-Min area.


To always strive to be the best by offering fast and reliable service.


It was during the inaugural or maiden voyage of MS EXPRESS, the passenger ferry boat of A.S. SHIPPING CORPORATION headed by Hadji Ahmad W. Sakaluran as President, last February 19, 1997 and Hadji Wahab A. Amil, a nephew of Hadji Ahmad W. Sakaluran was a guest, that when they were able to conferred later, Hadji Ahmad W. Sakaluran suggested to Hadji Wahab A. Amil that he can also partake in this type of business as the sea is a big area for all of them. It was during this talk that my name was suggested by Hadji Ahmad W. Sakaluran to prepare all the documents necessary for an entity to operate a passenger ferry boat within Zamboanga City.

The company was started last April 1997, when the main proponent, HADJI WAHAB A. AMIL contacted the undersigned to create a company to operate a passenger ferry boat in southern Philippines. Undersigned gave him a week to ponder his intention, as this will involve a lot of paper works. Undersigned was then working with the M/V “LADY MARY JOY No. 1 as its HEPE DE VIAJE. It was the only ship then plying the BIMP-EAGA route directly from Zamboanga City to Sandakan, Sabah, Malaysia and vice-versa route. A few days later, or after undersigned arrived from Sandakan, Sabah, Malaysia, the go signal to begin organizing a company to manage a passenger ferry boat commence.


It took a month later or on May 13, 1997 the SRN FAST SEACRAFTS, INC. was organized, amended and registered with the Securities & Exchange Commission with the following original incorporators, to wit:

  • HADJI WAHAB A. AMIL — Chairman-President
  • HADJI SHABREE M.AMIL — Vice-President
  • HADJI RAJEEN M.AMIL — Secretary
  • HADJI NASSER S. MUNIB — Director
  • BASHIEK A. AMIL — Director

The above were the original incorporators/stockholders and the only employee of the corporation at the time of registration or at the beginning of operation.

We have to confine to the prime movers of the company, with HADJI WAHAB AMIL, it’s Chairman—President, for a background or features that made this self-mademan a successful businessmen and sport enthusiasm in then community.



Born on May 2, 1955 at Campo Muslim in Zamboanga City, the eldest son of ten (10) offspring of Hadji Abdulgani Amil and Hadja Saiama Ahmad Amil. He finished his elementary education at the Tuburan Elementary School, Basilan Province. For high school, he graduated at the Zamboanga A. E. College High School in 1971.

He left for Manila thereafter, to study at the Far Eastern University taking up Medical Technology and was able to complete only his second year in college. He was force to discontinue his studies when the war perpetrated by the Moro National Liberation Front (MNLF) involved their place at Tuburan, Basilan Province, as his source of income ceased to support his studies. He returned to his province to seek his livelihood and then got married to his childhood sweetheart Hadji Aida Munib Amil in February 14, 1974. When hostilities between the MNLF and our government forces intensified in the area, he left for a safer haven in Semporna, Sabah, Malaysia and there began fishing within the vicinities, as his means of livelihood. With the birth of their first child Shabree, his family transferred to Zamboanga City, to find their mode of living. It was at the Zamboanga Public Market that he first conducted his buy and sell business. He sold his Rolex watch as starting capital for P10,000.00, from there he moved to the nearby barter trade to try his luck by personally going onboard small kumpit (wooden-hulled vessel) for his trips to and from Labuan, Sabah, Malaysia Because of his frugal and prudent mode of living, he progressed in his undertakings, up to going later to Singapore to pursue his barter trade business, where he learned to deal with sophisticated businessmen, their use of cellular telephones, long distance telephone communications, fax machines and absorbed how to negotiate with luxurious hotels, class restaurants, and other venues for conferences/appointments etc., to further enhance his wealth. He was later on trusted by these Singaporean entrepreneurs that loaned him their wares to be paid later. He also learned the intricacies of the shipping trade when he became a charterer of kumpits (wooden-hulled ships) that plies the Labuan- Zamboanga City barter trade route and as expected he became very successful in all his engagement. His business contact in Singapore, Bangkok, Indonesia and Malaysia are so immense, that by just calling or contacting them, he got his order of goods he wanted.

On his many trip to Labuan, Sabah, Malaysia, he saw how passenger ferries make their daily voyages to Brunei, Darussalam and Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia and even rode on them to get the feel of it.

In Zamboanga City Hadji Wahab A. Amil carved a name as a basketball enthusiasm, where in every tournament he and his team became participants. He support, patronized and financed the Muslim youth in the fields of basketball forthem to have a drug free environment. His sport mindedness are well known in Zamboanga City, and sometimes in other places outside Zamboanga City where their team are usually invited to play.

Hadji Wahab A. Amil is a very pious man, an Islamic faith practitioner, had his children educated in Islamic tenet or teaching, and always favoring the Islamic religious activities, to include the giving of alms and financial support to his brethrens or fellowmen who are in dire necessity. During every HARIRAYA, he voluntarily bestowed financial sustenance to his close relatives, friends, the widow, poor and orphaned, as his JAKAT or religious obligation where a part of his income are shared with those in poverty. He is a known philanthropist, helping those in financial crisis, such as the burial expenses of a love one and other extreme financial requisites.

Because of his beneficent, compassionate or charitable traits, he is realty blessed by the ALMIGHTY ALLAH, hence his success in business and in his daily life.


Presently the present board of directors of the corporation has been changed, with the hereunder composition to wit:

  • HADJI WAHAB A. AMIL – Chairman-President
  • HADJI SHABREE M.AMIL – Vice-President
  • HADJI RAJEEN M.AMIL – Secretary
  • HADJI NASSER S. MUNIB – Director
  • BASHIEK A. AMIL – Director